february 26, 2014 04:12pm

Life of Pi, a Heartbreaking Look at VFX Production


Whether you are involved in VFX, animation, or video production, you can relate to much of what is in this documentary. It covers the fall of Rhythm & Hues after completing their award winning work on Life of Pi.

Anyone involved in artistic production on a commercial scale can relate to much of what was being said. One quote that resonated with me was:
"all of us are driven to create...in many cases that can take over...you're gonna put in extra hours...even if the project and the money for that project do not require or facilitate that happening"

The Doc also goes on to discuss more of the broken VFX business model and subsidies. It breaks my heart to think about the state of VFX and how all of these amazing artists are not respected by being paid, and not only with money but with a steady job where they can continue to make magic.

So many people I talk to think it is all the computer. We push the buttons and keep the computer going. It is so sad that this misunderstanding permeates so much of video production. It is art, and it takes talented artists to create.

Well worth a watch

-Joe Minuni

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