april 16, 2014 11:56am

What Does the Video Editor Do?


We have so many editing programs from the low end (imovie) to high end (avid). This has given everyone the ability to edit videos. Video Production has become democratized like never before.

I've had people complain about pricing saying "My Niece has a iMac maybe I should just have her do it." Needless to say these potential clients never wanted to pay a fair rate. ( I tell them to go let their niece do the job then!)

What many outside of the industry fail to realize is that the editor will make many critical decisions that will effect the final story of a piece. A video editor works with time. They decide when you will see something and for how long. They can change the order of events to emphasize one idea over another that you didn't realize existed. The experienced editor knows when one single frame being trimmed or added will make a cut seem smoother.

A professional video editor will take hours of raw footage, and make hundreds of technical, structural, and creative decisions. And ultimately, the less you notice an editor's work, the more successful they have been.

The video editor is, above all technical aspects, a storyteller. That is why you pay for quality work, and if you value your idea it is well worth the investment.

-Joe Minuni

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